No Better Time



As a major storm front was barring down on the city, an experiment was taking place, so crazy,  it wouldn’t be mentioned for over a decade, for fear of embarrassment and backlash from the scientific community.  But that didn’t matter to this visionary, motivated to improve the quality of life for mankind.  The idea as outrageous as it sounds was to harness electricity by catching lightening.  The end result of this particular experiment was to create a battery and also bring electricity to the home.  Two-hundred and sixty years later, we no longer need to fly a kite to catch electricity and risk being electrocuted in the process.  Nor do we need to wonder how we are going to illuminate our homes.

Growing up, I was amazed by the stories of Ben Franklin’s accomplishments as an apprentice, business  owner, statesmen, scientist,  wealth creator,  and master of the power of duplication.  It was Franklin’s sense of business and success from an early age that always captivated me.  He left behind the blue print for enterprise and how to live a life through opportunities of the founding fathers age.

How does one know what to look  for in an opportunity?

How does one know what to look  for in an opportunity?   Take Rockefeller, Vanderbilt, Carnegie and many others of the Gilded Age for example.  These men used natural resources and a competitive spirit to create opportunities in their era that society still largely depends on.  Or consider Walton, Kresge, Woolworth and Penny who created the big box retail industry, seizing the opportunity to drive prices down, making  fortunes through a process known as volume-discounting.   And then there’s Noyce, Gates, Jobs, Bezos, Musk and many more tech giants of the Information Age, who used the resources of their era to build technology platforms and components upon which to create opportunities that are shaping the world we live in today.  Ultimately, these visionaries understood the signs of their time.  Their accomplishments and example will leave, and have left, generational legacies of influence for every aspiring entrepreneur.

What new frontier is left to discover for this generation?  Where is the next opportunity going to come from?  What resources or platforms are available in this era?  Every once in a while, opportunity presents itself and it’s overwhelmingly obvious because of the signs of the time.

Today we are in the Conceptual Age, a time where ideas come to life faster than in years prior.  High touch relationships are the currency of this era.  This weekend will go down in history with the launch of Bonvera®.  A company that is revolutionizing the way eCommerce is done by taking expenses and turning them into assets while sharing in the profits.   Bonvera® is uniquely designed to take advantage  of today’s current internet trends and distribution resources.  Heading this launch is a leadership Board of Directors consisting of the Varada’s, Mattis’, Martin’s, Paul’s, and Newton’s. Each has built enterprises across North America for more than a decade.  Each are men and woman of integrity, character, and vision.

How will Bonvera® accomplish it all?  Through a turn-key system that will give the ordinary person the ability to create extraordinary results by leveraging a unique training system.

a turn-key system that will give the ordinary person the ability to create extraordinary results

Building upon the platforms created by those from the past, has given life to what the founders of Bonvera® call Compensated Marketplace™.  It will change the future of how we do business on the internet for generations.  Will you be an early adopter and act in “good faith”?  Don’t get left behind and miss this era’s greatest opportunity for business ownership.  Claim your market share today!  There’s no better time to fly a kite and make a contribution to society’s well being.



Welcome To The Club



20151217_140939“Welcome to the Mommy’s Club” a friend told me as we laughed and exchanged tales of  “You know you’re a new mom when…you’ve changed a diaper in the Costco parking lot, you’re life is pee and poop diapers, (green or yellow?), you average intervals of 2-3 hours a sleep, and your cell phone is dead  most of the time from taking pictures of your little one”.

Being a mom is the best and most life-changing experience of my life. When my mentor told me that “your child will teach you more than you will ever teach them”, she wasn’t kidding. I definitely have received a double dose of that one!

I earned my mom badge back in October 2015 when my son Caleb Michael was born. After the first month, I start to notice a pattern of predictable questions I would routinely be asked by other moms and occasionally the random cashier in the check-out line. “So, is he sleeping through the night?” which was inevitably followed by” Are you going back to work?”.

Are you going back to work?

This made me wonder how most new moms would answer? Majority of the mothers  I know have to go back to work because there is a desperate need for two incomes just to get by. I personally know another mom who pays $1500 per month for her little girl to stay at daycare while she and her husband work just to make ends meet.

What if there was a way for moms to create a supplemental income? What if they could turn their “anyway dollars” (money they are spending anyway) into a cash-flowing asset that would allow for the mom or both spouses to stay at home? I know there are some that prefer to work because they love their jobs and that’s totally acceptable. But I want to speak to the greater percentage of moms out there that feel called to be home playing with their children.

But how? How can a mom, in California, one of the most expensive states to live in, replace her income with money she is spending…anyway? The answer is simple, it’s not a matter of working harder, but working smarter.

…it’s not a matter of worker harder, but working smarter.

Launching in 2016 is a golden opportunity that could be the answer to the prayer you’ve been praying. An opportunity to be a stay at home mom or to bring your spouse home from work. Saying  goodbye to your desk job and  hello to afternoon naps and cuddle time with your kiddos.

Bonvera® is a company unlike any other. For the first time ever, Bonvera® is helping households across the nation turn their anyway dollars into cash flowing assets by redirecting household buying habits through a Compensated Marketplace™ .

Bonvera®, turning your anyway dollars into a cash flowing asset.

With the leadership of Chris and Danae Mattis, Venkat and Lynda Varada, and others behind the helm, Bonvera® will revolutionize the way we do business on the internet. It’s as simple as shop, save, and share your way to the lifestyle of your choice while helping others do the same.

Today, when I am asked, “Are you going back to work?”, I can confidently share with enthusiasm that I have found an alternative!

A good friend of mine, Lynda Varada, wrote an amazing post on when opportunity knocks, even when you may not be looking. I highly recommend that you read her blog, FROM GOOD TO GREAT… A Story of What If for additional perspective.

Bonvera® is changing households across the nation, will yours be next?  Meet the community at  Bonvera® , get more information, and join the launch!